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Do you Know  ?

We are experienced and creative team here at MBI TEXTILES. We know how hard it is to launch a new textile brand having gone through the experience several times with our customers.

We are always here for our clients’ and feel passionate about supporting valuable customers wanting to create beautiful clothes with our textile factory based in Sialkot Pakistan.

Our Aim

Our Objective is to provide a Standard Quality and customer-led design, sampling and production service. Our business is driven by Experienced Professionals and creatives who are always thinking ahead of the upcoming trends.

We see all our customers’ as truly unique, forging the way within their niche or area of textile manufacturing. We affirm to provide all our branded clients’ with a personal experience and offer tailor made services depending on the size and style of your brand.

We view all the brands we run production services for as possessing distinct and exclusive characteristics, setting them apart from other brands in their area of the clothing industry.



Utilising the infrastructure we’re capable to offer competitive pricing for our valuable branded customers. Because we design a cost effective production mechanism.

Trust Worthy Manufacturing Facility

We are the manufacturer approved by the governing authorities. We do have secure platform to offer our clients, to proceed transactions without any hesitation.


Specializing in textile manufacturing industry for startups and small to medium sized brands, we have experience in making brands from just an idea, to a reality.

If your query is urgent please contact our customer service team between 9am – 5pm, Monday to Saturday.

International: +92 312 7774046

Postal Address:
Street No. 4, Suit No. 4,
Garden Town Booter Road
Sialkot 51310 Pakistan

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Registered in Sialkot, Pakistan

1) Affiliated Member Of Sialkot Chamber Of Commerce & Industry.
2) Affiliated Member Of Trade Development Authority Of Pakistan