Why it is difficult to maintain high-quality in smaller MOQS

I see many of our clients complaining about quality issues from previous manufacturer when they come to us.  That’s why I have decided to uncover some truths about manufacturing process and why it is difficult to maintain high-quality in smaller MOQS and how it can be conquered:

1) Are you clothing importer ?  Not having expected outcome from manufacturers

2) Not getting high-end finsihed fabrics like Well-Known Brands use in their clothing ?

3) Printing sharpness, it’s durablity, bleeding issue and most important it’s position?

4) Uneven Embroidery Stitches, merged fabric points under embroidery ?

5) Overpricing yet quality manufacturing not accomplished ?

6) Getting False Commitments on lead time ?

7) Not getting timely updates thorugh pictures and videos ?

8) You are not being involved in major decisions while choosing fabric specs, printing quality, position.  And you just get final picture which is disappointed because it is not what to be expected.

9) Trasit Time of shipments not so accurate because of wrong shipping option ?

Many of us (manufacturers) ignore these points during production and only victim is the clothing importer ending up loosing his/her capital.  Me and my team at MBI Textile taking strict care of all these points revolving in our head all day.  Trust me it is very difficult to maintain all these points in smaller MOQ’S that’s why top rated manufacturers always have higher MOQ.  BUT WE PROVED IT.  WE PROVED HIGH-END FINISHED QUALITY CAN BE PROVIDED IN SMALLER MOQS.  IT’S BECAUSE OUR MANAGERS DESIGN PRODUCTION TEAM IN A WAY THAT WE GOT VERY POSITIVE FEEDBACK FROM BOTH CLASSES:


(2) LOWER MOQ BASED IMPORTERS Don’t just take our word for it—our clients rave about our exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.  OUR OVERALL RATING IS: 4.9 /5.  This is not fabricated rating but verified rating we got on third party manufacturing site where rating possible only after project and payment completion.  We are on top most position among 992 manufacturers working on that platform.  For you kind authentication, please visit that platform  https://sewport.com/   they require signup and if you don’t want to signup, you can see quick video here:

I am soon launching some informative video on our newly made youtube channel to get viewers educated about several points they must take care while doing business with clothing manufacturer.

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