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MBI Textile is the leading manufacturer of Finest Textile Clothing And Catering the Need of High Street Brands of Europe & US.  We have strategically placed manufacturing facilities, which gives us capability to produce garments at both low quantities and bulk alike.  

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Why Choose Us ?

Our Management Director Mr. Fateen Ahmed Believes that MBI Textile has an upper edge over other clothing manufacturers because of four major factors:

Genuine Rating After Verified Sales

Mbi Textile got proven itself by getting extraordinary rating which is 4.9/5.  We got this aggregate after completion of clothing projects at World’s No. 1 Sourcing Platform.

Dual Check Qualtiy Control Mechanism

The Only Reason our Customers are satisfied with our quality standards and they stick with us for a long time just because we adopt Dual Check Quality Control Mechanism.

Highly Communicative Production Structer

Thanks to our Managers. They made it possible to maintain Structure which is highly communicative and customers keep getting  confirmations during their order processing.

Truthfulness & Fulfilling Commitement

Commitments with our customers always based on organization’s internal communication.  We stick ourselves to communicate truth which makes our customers to maintain long term parternship.

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Our Happy Clients Brag About Us !

I reviewed about 15 different suppliers and your product was one of my top 3 favorites. So if you are open to it, I'd love to do an initial test order of ~300 pieces by air. Then, if all goes well, we will still do a 3,000-6,000 pc order by sea.
Daniel Anderson
"I think for now we get as many orders as possible and keep quality as high as the samples you sent me apart from better embroidery. Quality is the most important but i have to say i was generally very happy with sample quality."
Daniel Atkins
Comments After First Order: "Thank you I am very impressed with your t shirt quality, print and services. I look forward to doing a lot of business with you in the future"
Comments after Back To Back Order Fulfilled: "When you send airwaybill number for outgoing shipment, i will place another demand same day. You all have regular orders from me every month. Very Happy with your quality.
Nathan Jones
Brand Owner London Garments
"Hi my friend everything was received well, can we get another 500 pcs sent to us if possible of the latest design."

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Rating After Certified Sales At World’s No. 1 Sourcing Platform

Successfully Completed 46 Numbers Of Clothing Orders There


Explore our Wall Of Testimonials to see stories of satisfaction from our clients. Your feedback matters!

Why Choose Us

The main reason behind the Long Term Business Relations with our Branded Clients is our Quality Control Management.  M. Bassam International always care their Clients by producing high quality products to maintain healthy business Relation.

We are known for our In-time Production Capability.  Sometimes we have to deliver rushing Orders to our customers because of their unexpected high demand.  And they are surprised to experience our Production Speed.  We don’t Loose Quality even in rushing situation.  Our Quality Procedure is same in every condition.

Bassam International Offers Economical Prices to their Clients.  As we adopt effective and economical way to produce items for our customers in order to get minimum cost so as to compete well in International Clothing Market.

M. Bassam International is Trust Worthy Manufacturer Of Textile Garments.  We have Clean record with our Clients around the Europe & US.  References will be given on Demand.  As well we are the Permanent

Bassam International is responsible for the products they produce.  We manufacture products under efficient quality control mechanism.  But somehow if our customer experience a problem in the products we produced, we pay the compensation if the problem caused by our side. 

Order Process

We at Mbi Textiles desperate to know the ideas & designs from their Potential Clients. After discussion with our clients, our experienced supervisors are ready to give your idea, the shape.

We make a pre-production Sample for your approval. Our team of skilled sampling will make sure you are satisfied with the look and feel of the garment before any further steps are taken

With Pakistan based factory we manufacture garments to the highest standard. Our customers reviews speak for themselves. MBI also guarantees you are working with a Supplier directly.

We managed a Quality Control Mechanism so as to provide High Quality Clothing to our Clients. From Fabric Sourcing To Packaging, our professionals are doing well in each Operation.

We have signed contracts with Forwarders of Various categories. We give them heavy load and they give us best shipping Rates. So as we provide our clients best shipping Offers.

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